Housing Authority staff are required to perform at least one inspection of your apartment and basement each year. During this inspection, Provincetown Housing Authority staff will enter all occupied apartments to assess their condition and determine if any repairs are necessary. The annual inspection ensures that the apartment is in compliance with the state sanitary code. Provincetown Housing Authority gives advance notice of 48 hours prior to the annual inspection. It is not required that you be present during the inspection. Provincetown Housing Authority staff will record any repairs required and create any necessary work orders for the repairs. If lease enforcement violations are observed, you will be notified in writing. You will be responsible to correct lease violations. A re-inspection will be made to ensure that the correction is completed. You may also be notified of any lease violations found such as damage to the unit, improper disposal of trash, a blocked egress, smoking or other lease violations.

Pre-Annual Inspection

Inspection-Violation-Checklist Elderly

Massachusetts State Sanitary Code