New HVAC System for Maushope. Funded by the Cape Light Compact $0.00

New Lighting and Refridgerators for Maushope funded by HAC and Cape Light Compact $0.00

New Septic System for Maushope and Family units funded by DHCD FF 242045 $537,208.35

Unit Rehab at Maushope Capital Improvement Project FF 242053 $42,646.50

Roof Replacement Family Units 42 HKW funded by DHCD 242052 $27,114.00

Exterior Trim Replacement Family PRL funded by DHCD 242051 $26,180.00

Walkways and driveway repaving Family SUK funded by DHCD FF 242047 $10,300.00

Window Replace Family CRT funded by DHCD FF 242028 $3,260.89

Emergency Sprinkler Head Replacement FOL funded by AHTF 8/1/2019 $7.750.00

Emergency Boiler Replacement funded by DHCD and Insurance 242055 $9,710.00

Remodel Kitchen at Family Unit CRT FF 242057 $32,365.20

Replace Crawlspace Hatch Family CRT funded by PHA 4/28/2019 $1,300.00

Siding Repair Maushope funded by DHCD FF 242058 5/14/2020 $2,780.46

Slider Door Replacement 705-2 SUK funded by FF 242062 $4,212.00

Dividing Wall Family SUK funded by DHCD FF 242061 $1,901.00

Tree Trimming and Removal Family SUK funded by DHCD FF 242050 $1,925.00