This notice contains some of the most common tenant- related issues found during inspections. Please read this notice carefully and be sure your unit passes all items outlined below. 

Go through the list and check or cross out each item which passes. The better your preparation, the easier it will be to pass your inspection. Please call me if you need an explanation on any of these issues. 


  • All smoke detectors must be installed and working. They will be tested. 
  • If a smoke detector is down or disconnected for ANY reason, please call Maintenance NOW
  • If any of your smoke detectors are chirping, you need new batteries. Call Maintenance or replace them. 
  • We will begin charging for the replacement of all smoke detectors for failure to follow the above instructions. 


  • You must have safe passage from all rooms and other unit areas in case of emergency. All rooms require two (2) ways to enter or leave 
  • All doors must open to the wall – nothing on the wall or the back of the door. 
  • Each room (excluding the living room) must have one (1) window clear of all items. 
  • Bedrooms with only one (1) window may not have standard A/C units or fans 
  • Stairs and hallways must be free of all items. 
  • Front hall and upstairs hallway must be free of all items. 
  • You may not use curtains over doorways or staircases. 


  • Foil, contact paper, plastic wrap, wall paper or any other coverings on the stove top, oven, walls, stove and exhaust hoods are not allowed. 
  • Remove all items that may burn or melt from your oven – no plastic, wood, glass, food allowed in oven 
  • Clean oven and burners 
  • Clean walls behind stove and trash can. Clear all kitchen cabinets so that they close properly 


  • Remove tenant-installed locks, latches and slide bolts from all doors; 
  • Remove tenant-installed lights 
  • Check all lamps: all sockets must have a bulb and all bulbs need a shade; if not, replace or remove 
  • Remove trip hazards throughout unit especially cords across doorways 
  • Watch for overloaded circuits and replace extension cords or adapters with surge protectors¬†