Provincetown Housing Authority
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Finance Management Policies and Procedures- Rent Collection Policy

Purpose: The Provincetown Housing Authority Rent Collection Policy is designed to clearly describe the acceptable methods of payment for tenant rents and to lay out the rules and responsibilities of both Tenants and Provincetown Housing Authority (PHA).

Rent is due and payable on or before the first calendar day of the month.

Reminder of late rent: residents who have not paid their rent by the seventh of the month may receive a courtesy reminder by letter or phone call (unless they are habitually late or a written rental payment agreement is in effect).

Notice of appointment to discuss reason for late rent; notice of lease termination: Residents who have not paid their rent in full by the end of the eighth calendar day of the month will be sent a letter offering them the opportunity to discuss the reason for the late payment. They will be offered an appointment time for this discussion and given the option to reschedule for a mutually convenient time that is earlier than the appointed time or to conduct the discussion over the telephone. Appointments will generally be scheduled to take place on or around the 15th of the month.

If the tenant fails to respond to the invitation to discuss late rent
or if no agreement is reached between the Housing Authority and the tenant during such discussion to accept payments and the rent is not paid in full by the 16th of the month or appointment time offered, whichever is later.

The Housing Authority will declare the unpaid rent delinquent and issue a notice of termination of the lease.

Exception: any residents who has paid rent late twice in the previous 12 months and has had the opportunity for discussion about late rent within the last six months will not be sent such a notice. In such instances absent any written agreement by the authority, at anytime after the eighth day of the month, the Housing Authority will declare the unpaid rent delinquent and issue a notice of termination of the lease.

14 day notice of lease termination; demand for payment in full: once the 14 day notice is sent, action to terminate the lease will continue until the balance is paid in full. Any agreement made at this point will only be made with judgment entered in court.

Late charge: a late fee of ten dollars ($10) will be charged if the rent or any portion thereof is more than 30 days late as provided in section 2D of the lease.

Violation of payment agreements: those residents with written rental payment agreements will receive a reminder letter on the business day following the date the payment is due according to the terms of the payment agreement. Failure to adhere to the terms of said rental payment agreement will result in the cancellation of the agreement and every turn to payment of rent in full on or before the first calendar day of the month, including any past rent due.

Information to board: in order to keep the board informed, they will be provided with information about the number of delinquencies and amounts owed.

Adopted, Provincetown board of commissioners,

COLPOL. 11/93